Old Clocks repairs spring and weight clocks starting with minor adjustments and servicing to complete overhauls. We do not take short cuts. Our goal is to get your clock as close as we can to the day it was made so that it will last for generations to come. Clocks are logged in as they come to the shop and we repair them chronologically. Each is inspected and a written estimate is provided. If further repairs are required, the owner is notified before proceeding. Turnaround time varies and some take longer than others, but you can be assured all are thoroughly tested before return. We repair battery powered clocks also which usually require the replacement of a movement. We have access to most brands of movements and can do some styles while you wait.

Cases and Dials

Old Clocks has established affiliates to repair and refinish cases and dials. These individuals have the ability to make missing parts, match colors and refurbish dials to original quality.


We offer the repair of vintage wrist and pocket watches. To do this we work closely with skilled technicians off premises. These individuals are the best we have found and great care is taken to assure the safe travel of each watch.

Click here to watch a video about our clock repairs.